Halloween Felt Circle Banner

Here’s a quick Halloween Decor idea to do with kids!!!

What you will need:

orange, black and white or cream felt


sewing machine

thread color of your choice (I used a very light tan that matched my cream felt.)

First, trace all different sizes of circles onto your felt.   Then cut them all out.

My 4 and 7 yr old kiddos cut out all of the traced circles.  I actually winged it on the black, because I couldn’t find my fabric pencil.  One of  the great things about crafts with kids is that it looks like kids have helped do it. Our circles were far from perfect, even my black ones.  I did have to do a little trimming here and there but, pretty much left them as is:)

Then lay them all out and layer them until you’re happy with the variety.

Being that felt is pretty thick, I pinned all of them together to help them not slide while they were being sewn.  I just used a straight stitch… I have no idea what the width was.  I am not a master sewer.  Yet!!

Then I used some regular tape to hang it.  And now we have a wonderful Halloween Decoration for our mantel.  It only took a couple of hours from start to finish.  So Easy!!!!