Pinners Conference & Expo

A few weeks ago I was watching one of Becky Higgins’ Facebook Live videos and she mentioned that the next event she would be attending was the Pinner’s Conference here in Scottsdale, AZ.  Which, given the crafter that I am and my love for Pinterest, I had to find out more ASAP.  By the end of that day I had an admission ticket purchased and was trying to decide what classes I was going to take.

The conference is a couple of things.  First they offer around 100 different  classes of trending Pinterest ideas. Everything from DIY crafting and sewing, to date night ideas, to make-up tricks, etc.  Second, there are a ton of booths offering many products and make and takes.  There is definitely something there for everyone!

How many of you pin so many cute things, but never get around to making them?  Surely I’m not the only one.  I have honestly never made a single thing I’ve pinned.  So now was my chance!

Last Friday was the big day!  It is actually a two day event, but due to schedules, I was only able to go for one day.  My sweet husband took the day off to hang with the children, so I could just go and enjoy myself.  Yep, he’s awesome!   I was there from open to close, 10am-9pm.  With my word, ‘Learn’ on my mind I was ready to go and do just that.


Here’s what I did…

First, I took a crochet class taught by Delia, from Delia Creates.  She was so much fun.  We learned to chain stitch around wire, which can then be bent into anything we want.  I’m still not done with this one.  I think I’m going to start over with a different color yarn and make the word ‘grateful’.  Still debating.  I’m looking forward to trying some other free patterns Delia offers on her site.


Next I took a class called Adding Texture to Your Home and DIY Faux Shiplap, taught by Rylen and Jenna from The Collected House.  You can check them out here. Shiplap is something Drew and I have talked about doing in our living room and bedroom, so I wanted to learn how to do it.  It’s going to be so easy!  I’m looking forward to getting started on this project at home.

Next up was the class I was most excited about, DIY Felt Flower on Arrow Design.  It was taught by Allison and Kellie from Peabody and Sassafras, check out their Etsy Shop here.  This was a super fast project.  They had pre-made the flowers for us, so that saved a lot of time.  We just had to paint, sand and glue.  I love how it turned out!


Then I headed over to the sewing classroom for the Holiday Dimensional Bow Tie Pillow.  It was taught by Mulqueen’s Pam Rackley, a local sewing shop.  Honestly I wasn’t thrilled about the design of this pillow, I really just wanted to learn how to make a pillow case.  Throw pillows are so expensive to buy, so I wanted to be able to make my own.  I ended up finishing this up at home because you’re able to see the seam on the back and all they had was white thread.  Got it all finished it up with red thread yesterday.  Now I’m brainstorming ideas for some everyday pillows.


After a bite to eat, I took the DIY Designer Pallet Christmas Tree class, taught by The Polka Dotted Girl’s Brandi Reed.  Check out her Etsy shop here.  This one was pretty fast also.  The trees were already assembled, so all we had to do was cut some paper and modpodge it on.  Looking forward to putting it out in December.


My last class for the day was Introduction to Watercolor, taught by Natalie Malan.  By this time, the long day had caught up with me.  I was getting pretty tired.  This class was okay.  An hour just wasn’t enough time and lacked a couple of things (paper towels and more water cups).  Natalie was great though.  I still need to finish this one up.


A couple of other highlights of the day were that I got to meet Becky Higgins and Heidi Swap, scrapbook celebrities.  They were both so sweet and fun to visit with, just beautiful women.  I totally geeked out and got my picture with each of them, and got teary while thanking them for what they do.


One of the make and take booths was hosted by Tombow.  They sell adhesives, colored pencils, pens and brush pens.  One thing I admire, searching pretty much anywhere online, is beautiful lettering with brush pens.  I wanted to give it a try, so I got a set of pens (different brand) last Christmas, but I couldn’t figure it out.  So I sat down at their table for a while and came home with this and some of their pens.  Excited to practice this more!

img_2071 I also did a little shopping and came home with a new piece of wall art and some super fun fabric!

img_2077 img_2078

This has turned out to be a little bit longer of a post than I had planned, but I wanted to share all of the fun!

I will definitely be attending this event again next year.  It was an amazing experience.  I learned a lot and have more ideas added to my DIY list.  The biggest take away for me though was that I am not intimidated by any crafting project.  I may lack the tools I need to do some projects, but I’m not afraid to do it.  I left feeling very accomplished and exhausted. 😉

Have an amazing weekend!





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