It’s weird blogging this now, when it’s 58 degrees and beautiful out!!  But, it is worth it!

Last week we got to enjoy a snowfall that lasted all day.  It was a beautiful site!  Now, the snow that fell all day only accumulated to maybe an inch and a half.  But it was enough to lightly cover everything.  And knowing that it may be the only snow the kids get to play in all year, I immediately sent them outside in our tiny, rock covered back yard.

P1120178 P1120191 P1120192


Reese stayed inside with Drew and me, where it was warm!  And probably got a little extra snack to ease the disappointment.

It all started to melt right before the sun went down.  So needless to say, the roads were pretty icy!  That night around 10pm I got an automated call from the school district stating that the schools start time would be delayed by 2 hours.  I am pretty sure I laughed out loud as I was listening to it!!

Being from WY and living in MT, this was nothing.  Last year living in MT, they never even plowed the roads and there was never a canceled day of school.  I think one day, I looked out and knew that I wouldn’t be able to get back up my street if I left the house.  So we had our own snow day. 🙂

After a late start the next day, it was gone as fast as it came.




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