Right now…

Right now I am loving my new glass water bottle Drew got me for Christmas.  I am trying to be healthier, just like so many other people right now, and not drink so many Rt. 44 Dr. Peppers from Sonic.  Something I’ve failed at many times, but I keep trying!


Right now I am wishing my kids liked the banana chips that I made yesterday.  Hopefully Drew will, otherwise they’re all going in the garbage. (I don’t like bananas.) Next I’m trying apples and papaya. (I like both of those.)


Right now I am working on this big mess!!  Trying to finish up last year’s Project Life so I can start many other scrapbooking projects on my list for this year.  I told Drew that it may be a while before the dining room cleaned up!!  I’m hoping to create more of an office space in our extra living room soon.


Right now I’m trying to work on “The List”…  of all the things I’d like to accomplish over the next few months.  (Projects, books to read, habits I want to start or change, find a Preschool for Reese, kids activities, etc.).  Instead of having my list ready on Jan 1st, I like to spend Jan regrouping and reflecting on the new year.  If more people did this,  I think the 87% of people who fail at their New Year’s Resolutions by the middle of January would have a better chance.

Hope you all are having a great day!!



PS:  Right now I’m trying really hard to not go get that Rt. 44 Dr. Pepper, because I am so tired!!!


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