Holiday Recap…

Something fun to start with… We woke up to this on New Year’s Eve.  I love the milder fall and winter that NM has to offer, but it sure was nice to see this white stuff covering the ground.



Now that the Holidays are over, and my decorations are all put away… I couldn’t get them down fast enough!  I have had the chance to reflect on it all.

The other day I read a Facebook post someone wrote about how you should never feel guilty because you can’t keep up with the so-called “Pinterest Mom”.  As I read it, I thought that was so true.  I’ve always believed that you should always be the authentic you.  Never feel like you’re not doing enough for your kids, as long as you are giving them all the love that you can.  Because that’s all they really need.

Then after my company left, I got a big wake up call… I realized that was me!!!  I am not trying to keep up with anyone else I know or have seen personally, I am trying to keep up with myself!  This voice and vision in my head of what I think I should be doing.  I love to craft, hand make gifts, bake and make candy.  It really makes me happy.  I feel like that when I give a home/handmade gift, it is more personal.

But then as I look back on the past 6 weeks or so, I have not sat down and enjoyed hardly a single moment of this Holiday season.  I have worked so hard on making gifts and planning and doing our family activities that I feel like I missed a lot of it.  While I was working hard to make everyone else’s Christmas special, I forgot about me.  I’m sure that sounds selfish, and I LOVE doing what I’ve done.  But I had this vision of sitting with the kids, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa and knitting.  The one thing I wanted, I never did.

And then all of the company… from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Let me first say that we love our family and we are so blessed to have family that would want to spend their Holidays with us.  The kids love it!!  And we had a lot of fun during their visits.  (I’m sure my mom and sisters are laughing wondering what they’re going to read next!!)

But, aside from the normal busyness that accompanies the Holidays, it is Drew’s absolute most crazy time at work.  So in turn that is harder at home for me.  He gets busier at work, when I get busier at home trying to do all the normal things, plus get all the Christmas stuff done.  And then we add company to that and all that goes into getting ready for and planning for them, then entertaining while their here. Whew!  So, at the end of everyday we are just totally exhausted!! That then can be perceived by guests that they aren’t welcome, which is absolutely not the case.

So, while we love our families and appreciate the visits, we have decided that the Holidays are not the best time for us to have company…  From Thanksgiving-December 26th. After that we would love to have visitors, especially for Reese’s birthday.

And as much as I love making a memorable December for my kiddos with our Daily Activities, I think I’m going to have to make adjustments there too.  We may just do them on the weekends.  And maybe during the week, we can just really focus on having a good dinner together and reading Christmas books before bed.

As for all of the homemade gifts… we’ll see how I’m feeling next fall. 😉

I am a firm believer that when something isn’t working that you need to acknowledge it and make the adjustments that are necessary.  We started that a few years ago, and apparently we still are learning what works for our family.

I have big plans for my 2013, and I think I’ve finally decided on my “word” for the year.  I’ll write more on that next.

Here’s a pic of one project that is high on my list.  For me!! 🙂


I hope you all have had a great start to your year!!




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