Christmas Countdown: 20-24

Hello there!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday… since Christmas and New Years have passed since my last post.  I did what I was trying so hard not to… So now it is Jan 3rd and I am catching up on my December Daily Activities.  But, because it’s so late… I’m not posting pics of each one.  Here’s this list and a few other pics.

December 20-24:

20th: Baylee and Garner worked on their letters to Santa in some cute books from Creative Memories.  Santa left them so they could keep them as a keepsake. Love them!!

21st:  We didn’t do anything this day at home.  Reese and I went to school and helped out with their Christmas parties all morning.

22nd: This is the night we went for a drive to look at Christmas Lights.  A tradition we always look forward to.

23rd:  Aunt Gigi and Gabby came!!

24th:  Marshmallow/Toothpick Art!  I found three different kinds of Christmas marshmallows, I poured them each in a bowl, poured a box of toothpicks in a bowl, and told them to create!  We’ve done it with regular marshmallows before, so they knew what to do.  Kept them busy for a long time!

And then it was finally Christmas Day!!!


After Christmas my sister, Robin and my nephew, Gabe also came to visit.  Here’s a couple of pics with all the kiddos with them and Aunt Gigi!

P1120149 P1120116

We celebrated Reese’s 3rd Birthday on the 28th.  Wow!!  I can’t believe that it’s been three years already!!

P1120135 P1120120

And then everybody left… Drew included.  He went to Denver to watch the Broncos end the regular season with a victory.  He and his buddies had a ball and here’s pic with Champ Bailey.  So excited for them!!


Our friend and the kids Godfather, went to Denver with Drew and stayed with us on New Years Eve.  The kids love him as much as Drew and I do!  He’s awesome with them!  I think they decided that he will now be called “Uncle Ryan”.  🙂


And then I crashed!!!!  I have gotten a lot accomplished the last several days, but while really exhausted!

I will recap our month next…




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