Christmas Countdown- Day 17,18 & 19

Due to a couple of children who are acting a little entitled and whiny lately, I have stopped making cards and putting them up on the board.  By the time we would get done discussing what was written on the card… and listening to their better ideas, or how that sounded boring, or that one of them didn’t want to do it… I didn’t want to do the activity at all!!  After a very frustrating day this week, and many discussions of “why” we do these daily activities and how their attitudes are making it hard to continue on… And I had a  “check myself moment” of “why” I’m doing this. Finally, we decided to continue with the activities, but they will not know ahead of time.

I could keep making the cards, but it would totally be just for the sake of this blog… and I can’t even find time to blog, so I’m saving myself time by not making them anymore. I’m sure you all understand.

So here it goes…

Day 17:

Today we first took the kids out to dinner at Old Town Pizza.  It’s pretty yummy, has a fun old atmosphere and it was close to where we were going next.


Next was to the Albuquerque Botanic Garden for The River of Lights display.  If we weren’t completely in the Christmas Spirit yet, we are now.  It was AMAZING!!  By far the best Christmas lights display I have ever seen.  And I’ve been to Disney World at Christmas, if that says anything.


IMG_1177 IMG_1191

IMG_1175 IMG_1158

IMG_1152 IMG_1150


We had been told by many locals to make sure and do it, and I’m so glad we did.  It was cold, even with hot cocoa in hand. But that didn’t stop us from soaking up every beautiful display.

Day 18:

Tonight we did one of the things the kids have been asking over and over again if we were going to do…  A picnic by the tree!!



Yes, Reese isn’t wearing pants… seems to be her norm lately.  Usually she’s got a dress up skirt on instead. Silly girl!

Day 19:

And tonight was another special dinner… Dining by candlelight!  It’s the simple things that make the everyday things seem special.  We’re hoping to add more of these in during the winter.

This particular day was the day that the #$%& really hit the fan with the kids attitudes.  And after many discussions with the kids from me and Drew, and me just feeling completely defeated… It was a nice way to come back together as a family and enjoy each other at the end of the day.



Hoping to get the rest of our days caught up this afternoon!!

Happy last Saturday before Christmas!!




One thought on “Christmas Countdown- Day 17,18 & 19

  1. The lights are beautiful! Bet you guys had a great time. Your table looks pretty for your special dinner too.

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