Christmas Countdown- Day 16

Day 16:



The Santa Claus movies, staring Tim Allen, are one of Drew’s and my favorite Christmas movie series!!  We watch them every year, usually periodically through the month.  But this year we thought we’d get it done in one day. 🙂  Then when you add in a Bronco game in the middle of it… it makes for way too much TV in one day!!  Especially for this family!  However, it was a great, relaxing, pajama day for all of us.  Reese really didn’t seem like she was into them until the last one.  She was intrigued with Jack Frost.  I think Garner and Baylee will be asking to watch them again before Christmas.  I didn’t take pics of us lying around, so this is all you get. 🙂



I was hoping to include Day 17 in this post too, but I am waiting for pictures from my hubby’s phone.   Hopefully tonight!!

I can’t believe that we are one week away already!!!  Seems to have gone by way too fast!

When we’re through all of our activities this month, I will create a printable list of what we did.  So you can print, save or pin it for next year if you want.




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