Christmas Countdown- Day 10, 11, 12 & 13

Well, this is what happened last year… I got behind a couple of days, then that became more and more!  I am determined to not be catching up on our December Daily Activities in January!!  The compromise to get caught up though, is to make it short and sweet.  And then hopefully I can spend a little more time on the coming days.

I’m sure everyone understands… we’re all in the same boat right now… the crazy busy that is December!

So, here it goes!

Day 10:


It’s kind of hard to read… it says, “Before Bed Books & Snacks by the Tree”

And that’s exactly what we did.  Christmas Oreo cookies and each kiddo picked out a Christmas Book to read.


IMG_1075 IMG_1074


Day 11:



Game night is always fun.  We don’t do it as often as we would like, but hopefully that will start to change soon.  As they get older, it seems to be  a lot more enjoyable.  Reese even was able to get in on this particular game.





Day 12:



All the treats have been made for a while, so it was time to deliver them to the neighbors.  We didn’t forget the dogs either… we treated them with dipped dog bones from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.



Day 13: (Finally!!)



Tonight was Baylee’s Christmas Play at school, The Incredible Reindeer.  We were impressed that she actually wanted to audition for a speaking part.  And we were all very excited when she was chosen for the part of Elf #3.  She worked hard learning her lines at home, and also spent extra hours a school for play practice.  And tonight all the hard work paid off.  It was super cute, and Baylee did great!!  Turns out, she’s not as shy as I once thought she was.


IMG_1121 IMG_1118

After the play, we celebrated at home with ice cream!!



So, that is the short version of our past few days!! Sitting down to do this blog post is the most I’ve stopped and sat down the past 4 days.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend… this Mama/wife needs some down time. Saying I’m tired would be an understatement.

I started a 12 Days of Christmas for my hubby today too, I’m really excited about it.  Hopefully he’s enjoys it!

Until the next time…





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