Christmas Countdown-Day 9

Yesterday was another very full day!!  I cannot wait for things to slow down a little.  I always try so hard to get as much as I can done before December.  This year even more, and I still feel like I haven’t stopped for weeks now!

Day 9:

P1120015We got tickets for us all to go see the Nutcracker Ballet at the historic Kimo Theater in downtown Albuquerque.  We were all really excited!!  It was the first time seeing it for Drew, Garner and Reese.  But, before we could go, we had gingerbread houses to make! 😉  Reese and I will make her’s one day this week while the other two are at school.


P1120004 P1120003

P1120010 P1120011

P1120009Before we left for the ballet, I read the story of The Nutcracker to the kids.  So they would have a fresh idea of what the story was.  It’s a pretty awesome thing, watching a story and understanding it, when there are no words spoken.  The kids loved it!!  Reese especially!!  She was sitting so close to the edge of her seat, she fell off a couple of times!  This was a local performance, and it was beautiful.  I do hope that I can someday take them to one performed by a professional ballet company someday.  In the Spring they will be performing The Wizard of Oz.  We all hope to go see that one too!




And just for fun… Have you ever laid under your tree and looked up at all the lights glowing in the branches?? If not, you should!!  It’s awesome!!


This is what ours looks like this year…



It’s the smallest things that are the most fun!!

Today’s activity, is much lower key!!  I will update again tonight!






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