December Countdown- Day 6, 7 and 8

Ok, so I’m behind… This happened last year too.  I ended up finishing my December Daily posts in January!!  I am determined to not do that this year!!!  And just for the sake of catching up, I am including the last three days in one post! Here is goes…

Day 6:


This was one of those days where I had a plan but couldn’t find what I needed to pull it off.  And with my hubby out of town, I needed to find something that didn’t require going to the store.  So we had another movie night watching the original Frosty the Snowman movie.  But what better way to start than to make paper snowflakes.

I’ve always admired all of the snowflakes I see elsewhere, and wondered how in the world do they make those.  So after a little internet searching, I found some print outs to help us out.  There are some pretty amazing patterns out there, but we stuck with the easy ones for Garner and Baylee to do.  Reese just watched and wanted me to make her one.  Someday I will have to let her try and use scissors… just not yet!

IMG_1074 IMG_1076IMG_1073 IMG_1078IMG_1081 IMG_1079


Day 7:


Yesterday we worked on getting their little treat bags for their friends at school ready.  We’ll take them on Monday, instead of waiting until the last day before Christmas break begins.  I could say it’s because we don’t want to miss anyone who may start their vacation early, but really… it’s just one more thing done and out the house!!

I got the bags at Big Lots, and then we filled them with mini candy canes, Hershey Kisses, and some of my homemade dipped pretzels.  I make them with almond bark instead of white chocolate… so much better!!

IMG_0999 IMG_1088

IMG_1090 IMG_1089


Reese and I had a busy day before they came home from school… I got my Christmas cards all done and mailed and we did a little shopping.  Reese was having fun trying on the hats!

IMG_1086 IMG_1085

Day 8:


Today was the day we were going to make gingerbread houses!!  The kids were overly excited.  I was too!!  I like to make them kind of early, so we can use them for decoration.  It’s been a tradition since Baylee was 3, so this is year 5.  We were ready to start getting things out to make them when we realized that I didn’t buy the pre-assembled ones!!! AHHH!!  So then we weren’t making gingerbread houses today.  Everyone was really dissapointed. It takes too long for them to set up and dry before you can decorate them.  And I had plans this evening, so there just wasn’t enough time.

So we did other things to fill our day…

1.  They played with the Gingerbread Playdough we made the other day.

2. They had Christmas activity coloring books they colored in for a while.

3.  We added candy canes to the tree… Finally!!  And ate some, of course!

P1110986 P1110985 P1110984

P1110993 P1110992 P1110991


4.  Then we made lots more paper snowflakes.  We didn’t print patterns out today… I think I’ve got it figured out now.


5.  Finally, to end the day… Garner, Baylee and I went to see a friend in a play, at her church.  It was awesome!!  A great reminder of what Christmas is really about.  The message was that “The message of Christmas doesn’t change, the message changes us.”  Isn’t that the truth!!


I guess the day wasn’t a total bust after all!!

Sorry about bombarding you with so much in one post!!

Tomorrow’s activity is the one I’m looking forward to the most!!  So excited!!!

Now it’s off to build a gingerbread house with the hubby, so they kids can decorate it tomorrow morning!!

I hope you all are enjoying these daily activities… I will have to put together a list of all of them for you and the many more I have in mind for another year.





One thought on “December Countdown- Day 6, 7 and 8

  1. Wow, you have gotten alot done! Love the pic of the kids in front of the tree. send me a copy would ya?
    Miss you all

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