December Countdown- Day 2


Today we decorated the tree!!  At least with ornaments.  We will give it the finishing touches later in the week.

This was always a fun tradition growing up.  It was fun seeing our ornaments from previous years and remembering who and/or where they came from.  I’m not sure about my sisters, but I was alway very particular about where my ornaments were hung on the tree.  My “baby’s 1st Christmas” ornament was always near the top… and though it’s  not my favorite ornament for looks, it seems to have the most sentiment.

Now, with an almost 3, 5, and a 8 year old… it’s almost more stressful than it is fun. (I wonder if my parents felt that way until we got older.)  They were just all so excited and have no patience.  But in the end, I am glad they helped and I know they had a great time.  There are sections that are really crammed, mainly at the bottom…  But, it’s perfect and they are very proud of it!


It’s hard to get pictures when you’re busy helping, so that’s all I was able to get.  More and more I am finding that I want a new camera… Digital SLR, maybe Santa will bring me one next year.

Tomorrow, I will be putting a tree up in our bedroom.  It is my favorite room in our house, it’s very spacious but also cozy.  A Christmas Tree and a fireplace both glowing in the dark… sounds perfectly romantic to me.

Here’s a quick pic from dinner tonight… Reese’s first corn-on-the-cob!  It was a big hit!


We had a great start to our week and I hope you all did too!




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