We meet again…

Hello there!!  For all of you that read my post back in May about prioritizing my time, I hope that everyone understood my need to take a break from this blog writing.  I never was really great at it in the first place.  And, so none of you have to re-read my ranting, I have taken it off the blog.  I made it a private post, so I can always look back at it when I start to feel that way again.  One of the things that I did say was that I felt like I couldn’t be honest and was always trying to filter my words so I didn’t hurt anyones feelings.  So, here’s the deal… This is MY blog, not my husbands, my kids or any of my other family members.  I will write what I desire… like it or not.  I will however not purposefully try to attack anyone or their views in a vindictive  way.  But sometimes the hard things going on in my life may be the same hard things going on in some of your lives.  Maybe something I have to say, could be useful to one of you.  So, let’s just see how it goes.

We will be starting year 2 of a new family tradition very soon.  So, stay tuned!!