Days of Christmas 21st-24th

Last one!!

21st Day of Christmas:  Shopping for Siblings!!  I took Garner and Baylee, separately, shopping for their siblings.  They had a $10 total limit and that included buying a gift bag to put their purchases in.  So we shopped at the Dollar store and the Dollar Bins at Michael’s.  They had  a great time!!  And they really got some pretty great things for each other.  I had already done Reese’s shopping for them. 🙂


22nd Day of Christmas:  Surprise!!!  Well, when we wrote this on the card we didn’t realize that we would be the ones that actually got the ‘surprise’ of the day.  We were woken up by Garner, who had glued his eye shut!!  With Super Glue!!!  Needless to say, that is what we dealt with all day.  His eye was completely open by Christmas… Thank Goodness!!!   We did take them to ice cream in the afternoon… the actual surprise of the day!

23rd Day of Christmas:  Christmas Lights!  We took our annual Christmas Lights drive.  We saw some pretty awesome displays!

24th Day of Christmas:  Color Gingerbread House!  This was an OK activity.  It was one of those Cardboard houses you put together.  Due to Reese’s age, we only allowed crayons.  It would have been much better with paint or markers.  I didn’t really like any of the pics from this activity, so here’s one of us watching The Night  Before Christmas!!

And that is it for the Days of Christmas!!!  We all really enjoyed having an activity to do everyday leading up to Christmas Day!  It was wonderful bonding for our family.  It made us really focus on the importance of spending time together, and not to focus on the materialistic holiday it has become for so many.  This is a tradition that will continue for years to come.  It may get a little tricky when we hit teenage years, but we are up for the challenge.  I will post a few pics of Christmas Day on another post.




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