Days of Christmas 13th-16th

Finally!!!  I am getting this done!!

13th Day of Christmas:  We had a candle light dinner!  Spaghetti was on the menu.  I wasn’t able to get very good pics… for obvious reasons. 🙂  The kids were so calm, we may have to do this more often.


14th Day of Christmas:  We had a picnic by the tree!


They were still hungry after eating EVERYTHING I had put out, so they found the crust!!

15th Day of Christmas:  We delivered goodies to our neighbors!  We had a couple that weren’t home, but we enjoyed visiting with the few that were.

16th Day of Christmas:We watched the Polar Express!!  It’s one of our favorites.  Reese loves to sit on the table to watch TV.  We can’t keep her off, so we quit fighting with her about it… for now. 😉

Sorry about the lack of details.  I just want to get these pics up… my mom keeps checking for them!!  Love you Mom!!!




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