11th Day of Christmas

Today’s card said, “Game Night”

It is a goal of ours to have weekly Family Game Night, though we haven’t managed to accomplish that yet.  But tonight the kids chose to play Wii Bowling and Sequence for Kids.  I think those were the games we played on our last game night too.  They must like them.  🙂  Everyone had a great time, except me… I got what I think is a migraine headache.  I was able to finish bowling (and Win!), but I wasn’t able to play Sequence.  Therefore I don’t have pictures of that one.  I think Garner won that one.

We had a good night, but there was some whining coming from Baylee…  It was a great teaching opportunity to explain what being a ‘good sport’ was all about.  It’s really something we’ve never had an issue with her about.  But she’ll get lots practice in the future.  🙂

Here are a few pics of the evening…

Notice Reese in the background… that was her seat the whole time.  She would move her arm like we would to bowl and yell, “Go….”.  Then she would clap and yell, “Yay…”.  So cute!!!

Our Scorecard… Me, Baylee, Drew and Garner.  I was pretty proud of Garner, he really started to get the hang of it!  101, not too shabby for only playing the game a couple of times before.

What games do you all play for family game nights???  I would love suggestions!!!




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