10th Day of Christmas

Today’s card said, “Gingerbread Houses”

I had bought these cute kits from World Market… we even went to the local candy store to get a few extra things so the kids could make them more personal to them.  The plan was to get started right after Reese went to bed… she wouldn’t be helpful with this project.  So, I was reading the directions and realized that once I got the pieces all put together, they then needed to sit overnight before we could decorate them.  Ummm, no!  We will be taking them back and getting different ones somewhere else.

Plan B (That I had about 10 seconds to come up with before meltdowns started): Peanut Butter Balls

They were disappointed about the Gingerbread houses until they were given this idea.  By disappointed, I mean for 2 seconds while I finished my sentence.  Then they were excited and ready to get to work!!

It was pretty sticky…

Reese even helped stir a little. 🙂

Then It was time to get down to business!!  There is no way to stir in all of that powdered sugar… You have to use your hands!!

And here’s what they look like after they have been rolled and dipped.

I think that they should help with these every year… and eventually take it over.  They rolled balls for a little while, then it was time for bed.  Then Drew helped me for a little while. And with all of that help… I didn’t finish them until midnight!!  It is quite the project! 🙂  But, every year that I make them I remember sitting in my Meme’s kitchen sitting on the bar stool mixing them up for her, while she stood at the stove dipping the ones that were ready.  I love starting the same traditions with my children, and hopefully grandchildren down the road!!!




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