7th Day of Christmas

Today’s card said, “Special Christmas Treat (After School)”

Today was one of those days that I had lots of things I really needed to get done.  Reese and I got ready for the day along with the other two this morning, so we could run some errands first thing.  Then I really needed to work on stuff at home.  Well, Reese let me know that she had a different plan when she threw up in the van on the way to Walmart. 😦  Needless to say, we turned right around and came home.  An almost 2-year-old with a stomach bug… NOT FUN!!  Poor little girl, she can’t communicate like Baylee and Garner.  Let’s just say, there was lots of laundry to be done.

Extreme acts of kindness were shown to me today by women who knew I needed a little help.  I couldn’t take a sick baby to Walmart to buy Garner a shirt he needs for a school project, Tomorrow.  So Haley, a fellow pre-school mom, got one for Garner for me.  And then she took him with her for lunch and a playdate for the afternoon.  Not only did Garner have an excellent time, it gave Reese and me a little bit more of a quiet afternoon!!  She took a much-needed good nap and I was able to get some things done on my to-do list.  Thank you, Thank you Haley!!!  It was just what we all needed!!  Also my friend Tobi is still in town, so she hung out and stayed with Reese when I needed to get kids from school and church.  It was great for me and Reese to not have to load, unload, load again, and unload again… times 4.

I was blessed by kindness today by women who didn’t wake up this morning thinking about me, and helping me anyway they could.  They showed to me today another reason why I love this Holiday Season so much!  (Though I’m sure it would be the same story had it been a day in March.)  This Season is not about the gifts of things we receive for Christmas.  It’s about friends and family, giving and sharing, time shared and being grateful… it is not a time to be selfish.  This is what we are trying to teach our children, and ourselves some days.  Simple acts of kindness are a blessing, that I am so thankful for today.  My moment of panic this morning quickly faded as God blessed me with these wonderful women.

So, now onto the Christmas Treat!!

I NEVER have bought my kids Little Debbie snacks.  So when I saw these Christmas Tree Brownies, I knew they would be surprised, and LOVE them!  One of my favorites growing up were the Cosmic Brownies… so I got to share that with them today, just made different for the Holidays. 🙂

They were excited, ate them fast, and then of course wanted seconds!  The small things that make them so happy!!

Reese seems to be feeling much better, thank goodness!!  Hopefully tomorrow goes smoother, and no one else gets sick!  Thanks again Haley and Tobi!!!




One thought on “7th Day of Christmas

  1. I Love the photos!!!! Makes me miss you guys even more. Can’t wait to see you all. Told Drew when he is in town next to pick up the gifts.

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