1st Haircut

Yesterday my friend Tobi came over and hung out with us all day.  I have known her for many years as a friend and as my hair/nail lady.  She was so kind to work while she was hanging out with us.  We ALL got our hair cut!!  I even got a little color to cover up those grays I was starting to see;)  But the most monumental was Reese getting her hair cut for the first time.  I have been really hesitant to cut it, because she’s got these precious curls!!!  I didn’t want to cut it and them never come back!  So Tobi cut just a little to even up the bottom… maybe a 1/2 inch.  She thinks they are just temprary!!! Sad:(  Nonetheless, her baby hair was cut for the first time at almost 2 years old.  Tobi has been the one to give all of our kids their first haircut.  Even though we lived out of town, we waited so she could do it.  I am so grateful for the time we’ve gotten to spend with her.  My kids just LOVE “Miss Tobi”!!

The next two pictures were a bit challenging to take… Reese was sitting in my lap when I took them.  With a comb in hand and a movie on, Tobi was able to get it done.  She wasn’t as cooperative as the other two!!

Are you all starting to see what a ‘Ham’ Reese is for the camera?!?!  “All done!”

Thanks Tobi!!!!!




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