3rd Day of Christmas

Today’s card said, “It’s a Surprise!”

One thing we have learned with our children is that things go a lot smoother when they don’t know what is coming. Something fun anyway, like a movie or ice cream.  It seems like their excitement usually turns into naughty behavior, and then makes us not want to take them to do anything!  Just the other day Drew was going to take Baylee and Garner to the movie while Reese took a nap and I cleaned and got ready for company.  They were so excited…  then Garner started getting mouthy and complaining about the movie choice.  Ultimately, he was not able to go, and was pretty bummed he had to entertain himself for a couple of hours.  It reminded us why we have chosen to not tell them things until we are on the way or even in the parking lot.  Today’s Surprise probably would have been the same story, with someone and a parent not able to go enjoy it.

Today’s Surprise was Zoo Montana’s Fantasy of Lights!!  They were very patient today waiting for the surprise.  It wasn’t until dinner that they really started asking when the Surprise was coming.  So after PJs were on we loaded up in the van and went for a drive.  Almost there we told them we were going to the zoo, in the dark.  They were temporarily confused until they saw the lights in the distance.  It didn’t take them long to remember the several times we walked the zoo in the summer and saw these figures of Christmas lights.   They wondered then what they would look like all lit up.  It was a 25 minute drive of many Christmas light displays.  I tried to get a few pics, but only a few are worth posting.  It was pretty cool, well worth the $10 Admission.  And the kids loved it!!  Their favorite was a display that went over the road and had an elf throwing a box over the road to Santa’s Bag.  One I didn’t even attempt to get a picture of.  Figures!!   Here’s a few pics from the night…

Christmas book read and all snug in their beds, another great evening for the Darling Family!!




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