2nd Day of Christmas

“Christmas Tree/Craft Night” is what was in today’s card.

We had a little bit of a dilemma this year with our tree.  Reese, who will be 2 yrs old the 28th of this month, is at the stage where there seems to be no boundaries.  No matter how many times you tell her “no”, “not a toy”, etc., or redirect her.  It doesn’t work.  So, of course, all she wants to do is play with the tree!!  We have collected so many ornaments over the years.  I love and cherish every single one of them!!  Mine, Drew’s, the kid’s… doesn’t matter, they are all special.  A memory seems to be attached to every one of them.  Even if it’s not directly with the ornament, but something involving Christmas and the ones we love.  We have enough ornaments to decorate at least 3 different trees.  And no, I am not joking, actually probably underestimating.  So as special as they are, I did not want any of them to be broken by toddler hands.  I also didn’t want to play the Christmas Tree Police all month, continually telling her to not touch them.  The solution:  A ‘Kid’s Tree’.

Tonight we made paper chains!!!!  Remember those?!?  We probably all made our 1st ones in Kindergarten, or earlier.  We did two things different than I remember as a child.  First, we used nice cardstock paper. Kids are not gentle, regular construction paper just tears too easily.  Second, we used tape!!  No mess with glue, and it probably holds better.  Garner and Baylee had so much fun making them, and were amazed at how long it got.  Reese sat at the table with us and colored.   Drew was the tape guy as I tried to keep crayon on the paper and off our table. 😉

We also had a lot of Apple Sauce Cinnamon ornaments that we made last year to add to the tree.  It took me a long time tying the ribbon on all of them last night.  One of those things I never got to last Christmas.

Between the paper chain, yummy smelling ornaments, and some non-breakable ornaments we had already… We now have a decorated tree!!  I put the garland, chain and star on while Garner and Baylee did the rest.  Drew and I sat on the floor playing with boxes with Reese, while they went to town.  Christmas music playing in the background.  No TV noise.  Everyone enjoying the moment!!   “This is the best Christmas Tree we’ve ever had!!”  Baylee said.  Awe, just melts my heart!  They were so happy!!  Totally worth keeping the other ornaments in safe keeping this year, and probably the start of another new tradition.  I guess we’ll for sure be shopping the After Christmas Sales for another fake tree for next year!!

It has been a great start to our December!!  I hope all of you are enjoying it as much as we are!!  Just a little music suggestion… If you don’t have Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album, get it!!!  It’s my favorite!!

Happy Holidays from The Darlings!!



4 thoughts on “2nd Day of Christmas

  1. I loved this story!!! We have our tree blockaded off with chairs of all things since a 10 month old is not better about staying out of a tree! Will have to call you for the creative stuff to do. Miss you and hope you all continue to have a wonderful Christmas season!

    1. I would love to chat!!! SOON!!! I love FB because I feel like I know what’s going on with people… but then I hate it because we haven’t talked in sooooo long!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday season too!!!

  2. We used to do something similar in that we had special, soft ornaments that we put at the bottom of the tree. That way Dylan could still “play” with the tree. We put the nicer ornaments up top. Good compromise. I love your idea even more!

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