1st Day of Christmas

Yesterday morning the kids were so excited to see what was written on the mysterious card in the bucket.  They thought for sure they would be filled with candy.;)  Since Garner isn’t able to read yet, he got the card out of the bucket and Baylee read what it said.  We’ll have to figure something else out when Reese gets bigger.  Yesterday the card said “Advent Calendar”.  It is a household tradition to have an Advent calendar.  They have come in many shapes and sizes over the  years.  This year they each have their own and are chocolate filled!  Which is not that exciting to me, but they are ecstatic that they get to have a piece of chocolate in the mornings after breakfast.  Reese has a magnetic one that she gets to put a new magnet on everyday.  I realize the buckets are technically an Advent calender, but we had bought these before I found this one packed away with Christmas decorations.

Last night Garner and Baylee went to bed wondering what was going to be written on the next card.  I love that they are excited about it!!!  It makes it worth it!

Happy Holidays!!!



One thought on “1st Day of Christmas

  1. I am so proud of how you embrace motherhood! Baylee, Garner and Reese will forever remember the time you and Drew spend with them creating memories. It’s so nice to see the gift of time and togetherness being the focus and not so much the gift of things. Enjoy this holiday season and know you are the beginning of a new family tradition! Enjoy December!

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