The Last Few Weeks

Let’s see… What has happened in the last few weeks?!?! 

Let’s start with Olivia.  She was here for not quite 2 weeks.  It really was pretty uneventful.  We mostly just stayed home, other than daily swimming lessons during the week. She definitely brought a new dynamic to the house.  Reese is 19 mo. and Garner 4 years and 1 mo, and Olivia is right in the middle!!  So let’s just say… It was busy!!  I like things to be pretty low-key.  But with 3 kiddos, 4 and under, it’s not possible:)  But hey, keeps it interesting.  She really adjusted well, probably helped having 3 other kids to play with.  There were comments that she’d make where I knew she missed her mommy so much.  And the occasional crying because she didn’t want to go to bed.  Our kids also did really well.  For the most part, everyone got along and played really well together.  Baylee really stepped up and helped me out a lot with whatever I needed.  Overall, I was really pleased with her visit.  And that’s what it ultimately was, just a visit.  I took her back to Casper, and she got to see her Mommy!!


                        (We wore her out!!!)

That is the Friday I referred to in my post about Jackson.  I left to take her home and on Sunday, I came back home with my nephew.  We surprised the kids, they had no idea he was with me.  He even walked right in front of Baylee and Garner and sat down on the couch to watch whatever was on (grinning of course, because we told him to wait to see how long it would take them to notice).  It was so funny!!!  They didn’t even see him!!  We had to tell them to look at who was on the couch.  Now there’s an indication of how engrossing the TV is to my kids.  That is why we limit it:)  They were sooooo excited!!!!  Now, if I had known that I was coming home to deal with a sick puppy I may have waited on bringing him with me.  However, it was a wonderful distraction for the kids while I was dealing with our loss:(  I did keep them busy though.  I got him enrolled in swimming lessons for the week and it was Vacation Bible School week.  So, even in the middle of grieving, we all had a fun week!!!

(Vacation Bible School)

(Swimming Lessons.  Gabe and Baylee were in the same class.)

(This is how they would warm up from being in the Freezing Cold water!!  The one at the top of the pic is our neighbor friend.)

(So proud!!!  We don’t think she ever really got a drink, but she sure had fun pretending.)

 And last week… I recovered!!!  We had some much-needed family time!  Nothing exciting, but it was just us.  My house got some much-needed attention. And I got some much-needed rest!!  The kids had a couple of Pajama Days.  They didn’t even want to go outside!!  Crazy!!  Now I think we are getting back into the swing of things.  Will update as I can:)  I am not going to go back and post many things that have passed, except I will post some pics from Garner’s Birthday.  I have to show off a little craftiness:) (Is that a word?? If not, it is now!) 




PS:  Thanks to all who sent prayers and hugs and love our way while dealing with the loss of Jackson!!  We were so touched by the out pouring of support we received.  It is such a blessing that we have people in our lives that care about us that much!!  I got calls and messages from people I haven’t talked to in months and years.  Thank you so, so much!!!  We miss him bunches, and are slowly adjusting to life without a pet.  (((Hugs))) to all of you!!!


(Even on his last days, he still wanted to be around everyone!!  He loved his family)