Jackson Tigger Darling

This is the last time that I will be working on the computer with Jackson sleeping under my desk.  He really is a ‘Mama’s Dog’.  He has always followed me every where that I go.  Just on Friday, he slipped through the baby gate as I was going downstairs to load my stuff into the car to head to Casper for the weekend.  He wanted to go to!  He loves to “go for a ride in the car”.  Today I am wishing that I would have taken an extra 5 minutes to give him a little playtime before I left.  When I got home Sun evening, everything was different.  He didn’t greet me at the gate barking and wagging his tail, in fact he didn’t greet me at all… he was hiding under the table.  He wasn’t begging Reese for her dinner, because she would always share:)  And then we knew why… Later that evening he got really ill and we knew that his days were numbered.  The past few nights have been very long, he hasn’t slept… which means I haven’t slept.  And today we knew… He’s not eating, he whimpers while he sleeps, he’s short of breath, can’t hold his balance and won’t give us one of the once million kisses we’d get a day.  He’s slipping away, and I can’t help but be so unbelievably sad.  Baylee and I shared lots of tears tonight as she said goodbye.  I plan to lay wherever he lays tonight to just get that last little bit of snuggling in. Because tomorrow he will be going to Heaven. ( I like to think he’ll be there waiting for me)  Laid to Rest at the Garner Manor.  God Bless my husband, who is going to be doing that part all on his own.  The kids and I can’t make the trip back to Casper, and Jackson can’t wait on us. 

For all of you who knew him, you know what a great dog he has been.  He was a wonderful addition to our family.. our first child:)  He has been with us every step of the way.  From our wedding, to the birth of each child, on every move and most vacations.  There will be an emptiness in our house for a while.  I love you so, so, so much Jackson Tigger!!  You will never be forgotten!!




One thought on “Jackson Tigger Darling

  1. I am SO sorry, Terry Ann. Reading this absolutely broke my heart. Having an older dog myself, I cannot imagine the heartache you are feeling. Jackson has been blessed with a wonderful, loving family. He will be waiting for you in Heaven! While he waits, know he is running, eating, playing, and free from pain. He will forever be young and free! I wish I could be there to give you and Baylee hugs!! Know I am thinking of you!

    Much love,

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