Fun Day

My cousin, her son and Olivia arrived late Tuesday evening safe and sound.  And after being in the car for 4 1/2 hours, the kids definitely had some energy to get out before bed. They ate and played outside for a while, Baylee even joined in for a little bit (apparently she was too excited to sleep).  Yesterday, after the sleepy heads in this house got up, and we ALL got ready, and then had lunch, we headed to Zoo Montana.  I guess you can call it a Zoo because they have some animals there, but really there’s not much to it.  I’m sure after all the plans for it are completed, in however many years, it will be better.  But it was a great way to spend some of the day. They all seemed to enjoy it.


After the Zoo we came back to cool off before dinner at Chuckie Cheese!!  The Kids were so excited to go play some games.  Garner’s favorite game was the basketball game and Baylee’s was driving the jet ski game.  As for us adults, we didn’t think the pizza was too bad.

After the kids were in bed sound asleep, my cousin and I headed to Sonic for a yummy drink and snack.  It was nice to be able to visit without 5 kids running around us.  I love having family visiting!!  So who’s next????  Tomorrow will be our first day with Olivia here with us alone.  I will let you know how the day goes. 



One thought on “Fun Day

  1. Cute pictures! I have been wondering how things were going there. Looks like you all have had fun the last couple of days!

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