As I write this, my cousin is on her way here with her sister’s little girl Olivia.  Olivia is 2 yrs old and has had one heck of a life, that I will not go into.  Now due to some extenuating circumstances she is going to come join our family for a little while.  We don’t know how long… for sure a couple of weeks.  However it is possible that it could be longer.  Weeks, Months, Years.  It’s funny, she’s family, but yet I have butterflies in my stomach.  I am nervous.  I hope that we are good for her, no matter how long the length of her stay.  I hope that God gives us the strength to handle this transition with grace, and to give us peace with whatever decisions we make.  Our 3 children:  Baylee (7), Garner (4) and Reese (1 1/2) seem excited for a new playmate.  But when the reality sits in that she’s not just visiting for a couple of days, how will they react?  How will we react?  How will Olivia react?   This story is just beginning…



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