Pinners Conference & Expo

A few weeks ago I was watching one of Becky Higgins’ Facebook Live videos and she mentioned that the next event she would be attending was the Pinner’s Conference here in Scottsdale, AZ.  Which, given the crafter that I am and my love for Pinterest, I had to find out more ASAP.  By the end of that day I had an admission ticket purchased and was trying to decide what classes I was going to take.

The conference is a couple of things.  First they offer around 100 different  classes of trending Pinterest ideas. Everything from DIY crafting and sewing, to date night ideas, to make-up tricks, etc.  Second, there are a ton of booths offering many products and make and takes.  There is definitely something there for everyone!

How many of you pin so many cute things, but never get around to making them?  Surely I’m not the only one.  I have honestly never made a single thing I’ve pinned.  So now was my chance!

Last Friday was the big day!  It is actually a two day event, but due to schedules, I was only able to go for one day.  My sweet husband took the day off to hang with the children, so I could just go and enjoy myself.  Yep, he’s awesome!   I was there from open to close, 10am-9pm.  With my word, ‘Learn’ on my mind I was ready to go and do just that.


Here’s what I did…

First, I took a crochet class taught by Delia, from Delia Creates.  She was so much fun.  We learned to chain stitch around wire, which can then be bent into anything we want.  I’m still not done with this one.  I think I’m going to start over with a different color yarn and make the word ‘grateful’.  Still debating.  I’m looking forward to trying some other free patterns Delia offers on her site.


Next I took a class called Adding Texture to Your Home and DIY Faux Shiplap, taught by Rylen and Jenna from The Collected House.  You can check them out here. Shiplap is something Drew and I have talked about doing in our living room and bedroom, so I wanted to learn how to do it.  It’s going to be so easy!  I’m looking forward to getting started on this project at home.

Next up was the class I was most excited about, DIY Felt Flower on Arrow Design.  It was taught by Allison and Kellie from Peabody and Sassafras, check out their Etsy Shop here.  This was a super fast project.  They had pre-made the flowers for us, so that saved a lot of time.  We just had to paint, sand and glue.  I love how it turned out!


Then I headed over to the sewing classroom for the Holiday Dimensional Bow Tie Pillow.  It was taught by Mulqueen’s Pam Rackley, a local sewing shop.  Honestly I wasn’t thrilled about the design of this pillow, I really just wanted to learn how to make a pillow case.  Throw pillows are so expensive to buy, so I wanted to be able to make my own.  I ended up finishing this up at home because you’re able to see the seam on the back and all they had was white thread.  Got it all finished it up with red thread yesterday.  Now I’m brainstorming ideas for some everyday pillows.


After a bite to eat, I took the DIY Designer Pallet Christmas Tree class, taught by The Polka Dotted Girl’s Brandi Reed.  Check out her Etsy shop here.  This one was pretty fast also.  The trees were already assembled, so all we had to do was cut some paper and modpodge it on.  Looking forward to putting it out in December.


My last class for the day was Introduction to Watercolor, taught by Natalie Malan.  By this time, the long day had caught up with me.  I was getting pretty tired.  This class was okay.  An hour just wasn’t enough time and lacked a couple of things (paper towels and more water cups).  Natalie was great though.  I still need to finish this one up.


A couple of other highlights of the day were that I got to meet Becky Higgins and Heidi Swap, scrapbook celebrities.  They were both so sweet and fun to visit with, just beautiful women.  I totally geeked out and got my picture with each of them, and got teary while thanking them for what they do.


One of the make and take booths was hosted by Tombow.  They sell adhesives, colored pencils, pens and brush pens.  One thing I admire, searching pretty much anywhere online, is beautiful lettering with brush pens.  I wanted to give it a try, so I got a set of pens (different brand) last Christmas, but I couldn’t figure it out.  So I sat down at their table for a while and came home with this and some of their pens.  Excited to practice this more!

img_2071 I also did a little shopping and came home with a new piece of wall art and some super fun fabric!

img_2077 img_2078

This has turned out to be a little bit longer of a post than I had planned, but I wanted to share all of the fun!

I will definitely be attending this event again next year.  It was an amazing experience.  I learned a lot and have more ideas added to my DIY list.  The biggest take away for me though was that I am not intimidated by any crafting project.  I may lack the tools I need to do some projects, but I’m not afraid to do it.  I left feeling very accomplished and exhausted. 😉

Have an amazing weekend!





2 Years and 7 Months Later


I’m not sure what has prompted my return to the blogging world today, other than Elizabeth Gilbert screaming in my head to just START! Terri Ann, all of those ideas that have been entrusted to you, do no good if you never do anything with them. So today, I’m starting again. I haven’t decided what this will look like, or how deep I want to go. I’m sure the layout of the blog itself will change a few times.

I now seem to have a little extra time in my day, with all of my kids being in school full-time. There are many things that interest me and things I’d like to do with my time. But the one thing I always go back to, if I’m looking at the big picture, is that I want to write. Will it work best in this blog format? I don’t know. I have some pretty big topics that I want to tackle and those may need a bigger space.  I know that this will not be a family update blog, though they will be part of my story.  So, we’ll see….

One thing I’ve started today is Ali Edward’s One Little Word class, that actually started in January. Once again, I was drained after the holidays and it wasn’t the right time to start. So, I said that I’d start it in February… Then I said I’d start it for my birthday (June)… and now, almost October, I’m starting.

My word is Learn.

It means to gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.
-commit to memory
-become aware of (something) by information or from observation.

My list of things I’d like to learn is long, and I’m sure will continue to grow throughout my life. I was gathering things and books in my house that are either specific to what I’d like to learn or represent it. Some are skills and some are personal and spiritual development.


The next few days will be spent pondering Ali’s prompts and answering the questions that will help me to find out what Learn will actually look like to me, at least for this month.

I hope you are all well and am looking forward to seeing where this all goes.



Computer issues….

So, when I finally decided to get going on this blog again, my computer is having issues. Ugh!!! I kept hoping it was going to get better, but it hasn’t. I am typing on my phone right now…. But uploading pictures and previewing doesn’t work very well in this format.

So when we figure out what’s going on with our computer, I’ll be back!

Hope you all are enjoying this Spring weather!! Less than 4 weeks of school left!!!!!!


12 on 12: April 2013

Hello there!! I have something a little different for you guys today.  One of the few blogs I follow pretty regularly, by Elizabeth Kartchner aka Dear Lizzy, has been doing a photo challenge off and on over the past few months…  12 on twelve: Daily Dozen.  The rules (for lack of a better word) are to take 12 everyday pictures through out your day on the 12th day of the month.  After admiring hers and a little nudge from a friend, I decided to take part this month.  A fun way to get a look at the day-to-day things that are often forgotten.

So, here it goes…


Started our day watching cartoons… Pound Puppies I think.

 20130412_114109 20130412_192157

Baylee and I finally painted our nails this morning. We had planned to for a few nights but Reese has had a rough week and required some extra attention.  Afterwards she found my make-up drawer and had a so much fun looking at it all.  Apparently my organizing is rubbing off on her…. I found it nicely reorganized later in the day. 🙂

20130412_122350 20130412_120215

Laying in the driveway looking up at the clouds, until they realized I was taking a picture. It’s getting to be flip-flop weather here in NM!! Drew finds it entertaining that I take pics of my feet!


Drew got a good bike ride in… he’s getting ready for a big ride in Colorado coming up in June.


Bill paying day.  I probably should give my desk some attention… my scrapbook table looks just as bad.


We had some errands to run in the afternoon.  Reese had to sit in the van with Daddy… I think this fit was over me picking her up out of her car seat to go in.  Something I always do.  I would normally blame this on being a toddler, but she has not been feeling well.  However, she managed to calm down before we got our Friday slushes at Sonic!


All of our kids are very into Star Wars these days.  Baylee has been working hard making some art for her walls.  Love the spelling!!!


It was shower day…  My kids take after their Mama in this department.  If it doesn’t fog up the mirrors, it’s not hot enough. 😉


Story time with Garner and Daddy… Reese too.  I love this picture because you can see all of the things that Garner sleeps with.  His Mario, his ‘baby’ (the small triangle blue satin on his shoulder), Bluey the dinosaur, and his new bunny from Easter.


Facetime/Video chatting with Aunt Robin.  It’s quickly becoming one of Reese’s favorite things to do.  Probably my sister’s too!


Drew’s way of relaxing some evenings, after the kids go to bed, is playing a little Playstation.  This pic tells a lot though…  He’s wearing his fav lounge T-shirt from Baker University, he’s got his Livestrong bracelet on to always show his support, the black bracelet tracks his steps and sleep patterns (I think… I can’t keep up with all of the gadgets.) and his wedding ring on his thumb.  He moves it so it doesn’t rattle against his controller.


And my way of relaxing!!  Drew fixed my bath, lit the candles and chilled my fav wine cooler… LOVE HIM! (It had been a pretty emotional day.) That book is my bath time reading material.  I have been reading it for a while, but only in the tub.  And on this particular evening I didn’t get very far, instead I soaked and text vented with my good friend Carrie.  Check out her 12 on 12 post here!!

Well, there’s a peek into the daily stuff in our family, I hope you’ve enjoyed it!  The afternoon got away from us a little, so I did a little catching up at bedtime. I will try to do this again in May!!(Mother’s Day)



Food and ‘Purpose’

Hello All!  Sorry it’s been a while since my last post.  I could give you 1000 excuses for not posting, but really there’s just one. The content in which I have posted previously hasn’t pleased everyone.  I know, I know… If I can’t handle criticism I probably shouldn’t have a public blog.  Something I have been debating for several weeks now!! Well, I have decided that I can!!  I can handle it, and I won’t quit doing something I really enjoy because of it.  I really just want to reiterate AGAIN…  This is MY personal blog.  Although I may post pics of my children and some family, this is really just for me, from my point of view.  My way of sharing what I want to, when I want to.

So, now that that’s all taken care of, let’s move on.

When I told a good friend of mine that I was finally going to write another blog post, after complete shock I’m sure ;), she asked what was on my mind.  I told her, food and ‘my word’ (Purpose).

Why Food?? Because I am learning more and more about it.  I took a class about Nutritian and Migraines earlier this year to help me understand what I can do to help prevent them.  Something that I’ve been battling for over a year now.  And other than getting one the very next day (they’re usually triggered a few days before you get one), I haven’t had a single one!!  Yay!  It is such a blessing to know that if I control what I put in my body, and in my case mainly eating enough, then I can keep my migraines under control.

So with that knowledge, I wanted to learn more!  I have spent countless hours on the computer reading blogs and studies about all kinds of food and how it affects our health. I have several books downloaded to start reading… I will let you know when I’m done if I would recommend them to you.  All I can say at this moment is that there are going to be some changes in what our family eats.  I’ve always thought that since we rarely eat out and usually eat home-cooked meals, that we were doing pretty darn good.  I have been very mistaken.  I wish that I would have cared to learn more before we had kids… it is going to be a steep, uphill battle.  But, maybe teaching them now, they’ll not be 32 yrs. old trying to figure it out.

Now usually when I decide I want to do something, I go at it 100%, then sometimes fail.  I don’t think that type of approach is going to work for this.  It’s going to take time for habits to change and to get rid of all of the food we already have in the pantry.  (I have a problem throwing it away.)  So we are going to eat it and maybe donate some.  Then we’ll take it one step at time… ok, maybe a few steps at a time.

Here’s where we’re starting:

1. We are not going to replace the snacks in the house with the same things.  We always have easy to grab snacks for school lunches and at home.  Currently we’ve got little snack bags of Ritz Cracker Sandwiches, Teddy Grahams and Oreos.  We also have Goldfish Crackers, Granola Bars, Rice Crispies, and Fruit Snacks.  Now looking at it typed out, I kind of feel like a crappy mom… but they all like different things and usually only have one a day, along with many other healthy foods. And as much as they all enjoy these snacks, they honestly get more excited about a bunch of raw veggies with ranch dip.  So why in the world do I keep buying all of these highly processed, sugar filled snacks??? Because they’re EASY and CONVENIENT!  Only healthy snacks will be kept in this house very soon!

2.  When buying meat, I will no longer buy the cheapest I can find.  We can’t afford organic all the time, but we can buy chicken without added hormones and other meats that are less processed.  The hubby has found a local butcher he really likes, so he may be getting more of our business very soon.

3. Overall, when shopping, I will be looking for less processed foods.  Hoping to at least be able to pronounce all of the listed ingredients.

Sounds like a good place to start! 😉

Now about my word… I think these changes could be part of living this life with ‘purpose’.  I want to purposefully choose the things that our family ingests, at least where I can.  (They are completely overloaded with sugar at school for one reason or another!!  That’s another post!)  Instead of choosing what’s easiest and most convenient, I want to make choices based on what’s best for our health and well being.

Anyways… that’s what is on my mind today. 🙂

I made this flavored water.  Inspired from another recipe I saw on Pinterest.

Lemon/Cucumber Water


Water, thinly sliced lemon and cucumber.


Slice the Lemon and Cucumber, add it to a pitcher of water, and refrigerate.

IMG_1739 IMG_1740 IMG_1741


The recipe I found also had mint leaves in it. You can find it here.  She explains all of the health benefits of it.  I really just wanted something with some flavor to drink, and this seemed like a good start.  It’s very refreshing!  I may add some strawberries next time.



Mini Vacation

We spent last weekend in Denver with my parents.   Our house to their’s is 10 1/2 hours, so it is about half way.  I haven’t seen them since we drove through on our way moving to NM in August.  It may have been the longest we’ve ever gone…  And even still, it doesn’t feel like it.  It could be that I talk to my mom almost daily (multiple times somedays), and my dad at least once a week.  It’s like that phone commercial… We don’t call to say “how’s life going”, we call to ask “how was your day”.  Anyways, it was a much needed visit.  And it’s always nice to get away.  Have someone else make your dinner and do the dishes, and make your bed.

Here’s our weekend in photos…


While waiting for my parents, we entertained ourselves in the pet store.  This cutie was a Standard Poodle/Old English Sheepdog mix.  Had we not put her back when we did, she would have come home with us.


And there they are!!  The kids were so excited to see Kiki and Papa!! (And me too!)


We started with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  My main requirement for the trip!



Baylee got Chrissa’s ears pierced at the American Girl store and got to check out the new Girl of the Year, who is from Albuquerque.

IMG_1402 IMG_1396

Then it was Garner’s turn at the Lego store!  He got to fill up a cup with miscellaneous legos from ‘the wall’ and he built 3 of his own lego people. He had so much fun, but it is quite possible that I enjoyed it even more than he did.  We will be going back this summer.

After dinner, the kids were really excited to go swimming.  So were Drew and Papa… until they got in and realized the heated pool was freezing!!

IMG_1406 IMG_1405

I have the cutest video of Reese jumping in and telling Papa to scoot back, but apparently I can’t upload it on here.  She is fearless!  These pics are not the best quality, but still a highlight of the trip.

Day 2 consisted of IKEA and the outlet mall.  The kids were troopers!!  All the candy they got to eat could’ve had something to do with that.

It was the first time in an IKEA for all of us except Drew.  It was awesome!  So much so that I was completely overwhelmed by the time we got done.  I will have a list when I go back through this summer though.  One thing it did is just solidify the fact that I want to live in a smaller place, a little more modern, but still with a great kitchen.


kids trying out a bed at IKEA watching hockey.

After all of our shopping, we went back to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner!!  YUM!!  It’s a very large menu… I think you could eat there for 2 months and never eat the same thing twice.


We wore Reese out.  She slept up until dinner came.


We took dessert back to the hotel. I’m not a fan of Cheesecake… but that Linda’s Fudge Cake on the right, that’s a different story.

The next morning, it was time to say our goodbyes and head home.


Reese loves her Papa!

Then after a few short stops and 5 1/2 hours of driving, we were home.

I’m so glad we were able to work it out.  It was so, so much fun!!  We’re already looking forward to seeing them again in March!!  It’s my mom’s Spring Break, so they’re coming to check out where we live.  So excited!!  Hopefully it will warm up by then.  I’m really itching to get outside!!

I started something yesterday. Something very challenging, for me.  I will write about it next.




It’s weird blogging this now, when it’s 58 degrees and beautiful out!!  But, it is worth it!

Last week we got to enjoy a snowfall that lasted all day.  It was a beautiful site!  Now, the snow that fell all day only accumulated to maybe an inch and a half.  But it was enough to lightly cover everything.  And knowing that it may be the only snow the kids get to play in all year, I immediately sent them outside in our tiny, rock covered back yard.

P1120178 P1120191 P1120192


Reese stayed inside with Drew and me, where it was warm!  And probably got a little extra snack to ease the disappointment.

It all started to melt right before the sun went down.  So needless to say, the roads were pretty icy!  That night around 10pm I got an automated call from the school district stating that the schools start time would be delayed by 2 hours.  I am pretty sure I laughed out loud as I was listening to it!!

Being from WY and living in MT, this was nothing.  Last year living in MT, they never even plowed the roads and there was never a canceled day of school.  I think one day, I looked out and knew that I wouldn’t be able to get back up my street if I left the house.  So we had our own snow day. 🙂

After a late start the next day, it was gone as fast as it came.



Sweet as Honey

Well, I’ve gotten all of my pictures either printed or ordered to finish up my 2012 Project Life… My goal is to have it done before we head to see my parents next weekend.  But, I guess that will depend on when I receive my ordered pics.  Really excited to get it done!!  I’ve also received some new stuff from Becky Higgins to get Garner’s school scrapbook completed.  YAY!!!  I will post pics soon!!

Just something sweet for today…

I asked Reese if she was my sweet girl today… And she said, “I’m sweet as honey!”  Hahah!!  That is the truth!  However, I have never said that to her.  Which I guess is what makes it even cuter.:)



Just a cute pic I found from last summer… Makes me look forward to warmer weather, and our beach trip we have planned!!

Happy Friday!



Right now…

Right now I am loving my new glass water bottle Drew got me for Christmas.  I am trying to be healthier, just like so many other people right now, and not drink so many Rt. 44 Dr. Peppers from Sonic.  Something I’ve failed at many times, but I keep trying!


Right now I am wishing my kids liked the banana chips that I made yesterday.  Hopefully Drew will, otherwise they’re all going in the garbage. (I don’t like bananas.) Next I’m trying apples and papaya. (I like both of those.)


Right now I am working on this big mess!!  Trying to finish up last year’s Project Life so I can start many other scrapbooking projects on my list for this year.  I told Drew that it may be a while before the dining room cleaned up!!  I’m hoping to create more of an office space in our extra living room soon.


Right now I’m trying to work on “The List”…  of all the things I’d like to accomplish over the next few months.  (Projects, books to read, habits I want to start or change, find a Preschool for Reese, kids activities, etc.).  Instead of having my list ready on Jan 1st, I like to spend Jan regrouping and reflecting on the new year.  If more people did this,  I think the 87% of people who fail at their New Year’s Resolutions by the middle of January would have a better chance.

Hope you all are having a great day!!



PS:  Right now I’m trying really hard to not go get that Rt. 44 Dr. Pepper, because I am so tired!!!